martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Seminario 10 de abril de 2015 - 14 hs - Aula IIMyC

Marine bioacoustics theory, methods and applications

Dr. Giuseppa Buscaino

A brief introduction on theory, methods and application of marine bioacoustics will be the focus of the talk. The first part will be dedicated to the general aspects and emergent properties of bioacoustics; the second part addresses the methods (acoustic signal propagation and analysis) and the instrumentation used in marine bioacoustics; in the last part some case studies will be showed. 
A short demonstration on the use of an underwater acoustic acquisition system will be held at the end of the talk.

Since 2007 Giuseppa Buscaino is a researcher of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). She obtained the PhD in Environmental Science, University of Venice, in 2004. She studies the role of ocoustic signals produced by cetacean, crustacean and fishes. She also studies the impact of acoustic pollution on marine organisms, and, recently, she addressed the marine soundscape of the Mediterranean Sea and Arctic Sea. She founded and coordinates the Bioacoustic Group of CBR in Capo Granitola (South-West Sicily).

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